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About the book

Ultimate book about identity management and midPoint. Written by midPoint development and deployment team.

This book provides introduction to identity management concepts. And it is much more than just an introduction and the concepts. Most of the book deals with building very practical identity management solution based on midPoint. The book starts with general principles of identity and access management. Then it dives into the practicalities of midPoint setup. It starts with simple configurations and then it continually digs into the details. Each chapter describes new functionality that expands the capabilities of the identity management solution.

This book is incremental. First few chapters are already written. Those chapters describe the general principles and basic midPoint setup. The content of those chapters can be used to get a simple midPoint-based identity management solution running. However, the most interesting chapters are not written yet. The authors are ready, pen and paper is prepared. All that is needed is your support to make it all real.


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