Connector framework evolution

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Connector framework evolution

New connector framework supporting modern systems architectures and approaches including performance enhancement.

Current situation

MidPoint’s provisioning operations are based on the only usable connector framework which existed at the time of midPoint inception: Identity Connector Framework by Sun Microsystems. The code experienced Sun-Oracle acquisition and was later adapted by ConnId, an open source project with contributors from several IDM companies.

Even from the early beginning, it was quite obvious the original Identity Connector Framework has some limitations. They could be found in major schema, design or the support limited only for synchronous operations.

We cooperated with other companies in the ConnId project to mitigate the most problematic parts of the connection framework design. We made major contributions to the ConnId project and over the last few years the midPoint project was the most active contributor to the framework.

However, it has been clear for several years, that due to the original design flaws the ConnId 1.x framework is a development dead end. The framework needs major changes in the fundamental concepts such as schema processing and asynchronous operation, a complete rewrite that is supposed to lead to a ConnId 2.0 framework.

Solution: New connector framework

We have started experiments with the new framework very early in midPoint development cycle. Those experiments need to be refined into a complete framework that would natively support current provisioning mechanisms such as complex resource schemas and asynchronous operations. Help us to make midPoint better by voting for this project!


Connector framework evolution

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