How it works

Building the future together

Evolveum’s Wanted was created with the aim to give you, our customers and supporters power to determine which way midPoint will evolve. It is an opportunity to take participation in big, important decisions together.

This is the main difference from the subscriptions offer where the improvements are determined individually according to the customer.

We would also like to hear from you! If you have any ideas about midPoint’s new features and future, please share them with us. We will collect all interesting suggestions and the most perspective ones will be later added to Wanted.

How to start

First, you need to create an account where you fill in some basic information. After that you need to top up your votes to be able to vote for a project. Go to your account and in the Overview section click on the link. You will be redirected to the Votes site and after clicking on the Top up votes button you will get into the cart where you can choose the amount of votes you wish to purchase. Proceed to checkout and choose means you wish to pay. You can pay directly by credit card or choose PayPal. After successfully placing order your amount of votes will be topped up and you are ready to vote for a project.

Go to the main page or project category and pick a project you wish to support. Click on the Vote for this project button and choose the amount of votes you wish to use. You can choose to donate anonymously or even leave a comment. The voting is completed when you click on Complete Checkout button. You can support any amount of projects, even numerous times. Some amounts of votes are rewarded with special rewards you will always see on the project’s page in the right column. When voting, keep an eye on amount of votes the particular project has. Every project has some goals. Once the goal is met, Evolveum starts to work on it.

Remember: if you find yourself in a need to fill up the votes, you can do so in here or in your account’s overview. Your new votes will be available for you right after the payment is done.

Means of payment

We want to make the whole process as simple as possible for you. Therefore we provide following ways of paying for the votes:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Invoicing and PO process (if interested in this option, please contact us and we will arrange everything necessary)


  • Each project needs a specific amount of votes to be reached. Meeting the goal for 100% means completing the project.
  • Unused votes have no expiration date, they are valid until the whole platform exists.
  • There is no limit for amount of votes you can purchase.
  • After contacting Evolveum you can cancel your pledge any time until the project’s goal is met with one exception. During the last 24 hours of the campaign, you can’t decrease or cancel your pledge, if that action would drop the project below its funding goal.  The votes will be added back to your account.

What’s the advantage?

Taking power into your own hands brings numerous pros:

  • You decide what becomes part of midPoint and how fast it all happens.
  • As you are not the only one who can vote for a project, you will enjoy economy of scale by supporting the project with other organizations. Everything developed will be also maintained in the future.